Dave & Donna met Sept. 10, 2000. Donna, who had already been dancing for 5 years, recruited Dave for the initial USA Dance beginner dance class series. Dave was interested in Donna and the dancing, and as they say, the rest is history. They began taking private lessons together, eventually started assisting in classes, competing, and after numerous requests, began teaching.
You may have seen the picture of Donna dancing on a billboard Dave put up for her birthday in 2001 with the caption, “You are the best thing that ever danced into my life. Love, Dave.”  They were married in January 2002, and upon returning from their honeymoon, there was another billboard up with the first billboard picture & caption on one side and Donna in her wedding dress on the other side of the billboard with the exclamation, “She said yes!”on the other side. In both cases it was covered with a front page article and picture in the newspaper.

Dave & Donna have taught for USA Dance, Swing Roanoke, Roanoke City Parks and Rec., Roanoke County Public Schools, National League of Junior Cotillion, Roanoke and Salem YMCAs, several local country clubs, at Stardust Ballroom and several local retirement homes, The Dance Space in Richmond, etc.  They have preformed dance demos for USA Dance, the International Association of Administrative Professionals at Mountain Lake, Virginia Gentlemen annual show, Salem Kiwanis, events at Tanglewood Mall and Elmwood Park and instructed and performed at the Dancing with the Valley Stars. They helped restart the Tea Dance at Hotel Roanoke some years ago.

Dave & Donna have taught dance in various venues with students ranging in age from elementary age children to senior adults and have performed dance demos at numerous events but their greatest joy is teaching others the fun, romance and exhilaration of dance and watching how people’s lives are transformed as they learn a new skill that is mentally and physically stimulating, lasts for a lifetime and which opens new doors socially and personally.

Learn to dance.  You never know how it might change YOUR life!

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