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Dance Courses

These multi-week classes are available for all level of dancers.



In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Private Lessons
Some people prefer focused lessons where they can progress at their own speed or zero in on a specific dance(s) and get individual help. Private lessons also have the benefit of allowing the instructor more opportunity to dance with you to correct any problems and provide more challenging steps or technique than what can be accomplished in a group class.
Semi-Private Lessions
Semi-private lessons have similar advantages as private lessons. It usually involves 2 couples who want to learn the same dance and works best when the couples have a similar skill level. The instructor will help both couples - often working with one couple while the other practices.
Group Dance Lessons
Group dance lessons are more affordable and provide a fun opportunity for meeting other dancers, sharing dance challenges and successes together and enjoying a few laughs from the comical perspectives of other learners. Partners are not required - generally half of the class likes to rotate partners while the other half prefers not to rotate partners.
We host several dances a month at different locations to give you a chance to practice what you have learned, meet other dancers and if you forget a step, seek our help for a quick review. Some dances include a theme related to a certain type of music, holiday or event. Partners are not required.
Occasionally we will have dance workshops focusing on a particular dance and targeted towards dancers of specific skill levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced). The workshops may also focus on technique. Our workshops are not designed for the beginner dancer who has never danced before since it is only a one time session.
Wedding Dance Routines
Whether it is the bride and groom dance, the daddy-daughter dance, or the mother-son dance, we can suggest music and dance helps to make it simple and fun. If you have a favorite song, we will help you find a way to move to it and hopefully even enjoy the process!
Lessons for School Kids
Teaching at local schools provides great opportunities for kids to learn music and rhythm skills, partnering and etiquette. Learning basic dance skills that may even spark an interest in a fun and healthy activity they will pursue for years.

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